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Your Charging Network

Energize at Home, at Work, or On the Road


AC Charging

Changing Your World

Our dedicated charging facilities for multifamily, workplace, and commercial venues are located where it matters most, close to you.  Imagine having a fully charge battery for your electric vehicle every time you leave your home or place of work.  A different experience that will change the way you interact with the world around you.

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DC Fast Charging

Endless Possibilities

Our fast-charging facilities are particularly intended for those long journeys along the interstate highways of South Florida. Equipped with high-power charging stations, our hubs allow commuters, leisure travelers, and commercial drivers to charge their electric vehicles and be on the road in just under 30 minutes. 

Mobile Access

Within Reach

Access our electric vehicle charging network directly from the comfort of your phone. Track your energy usage, find available charging locations, and pay for your recharging sessions directly from a mobile application.  

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